Scott Tokar, Magician
Scott Tokar, Photographer
Scott Tokar is unique among magicians, having focused solely on marketing magic, informative entertainment (Infotainment) and visual communication through his internationally recognized Corporate-Fx® team.

Scott is widely known in professional circles as a “specialist” in tradeshow magic, corporate messaging and sales meeting motivation.

Scott is also recognized as a trainer and resource to other magicians with his 6-figures “masterclass” through

He is a multi-award winning member of Hollywood's famous Magic Castle, London's prestigious Magic Circle (M.I.M.C.), The International Brotherhood of Magicians (Order of Merlin), and the Society of American Magicians (Life Member). He has served as faculty, instructing Certified Trade Show Managers (CTSM) at the Exhibitor Tradeshow in Las Vegas for the past four years.
Side-note. . .

profession is a magician, he makes his living fooling the eye via his Tradeshow Magic Group, Corporate-Fx. But Scott's passion and his ministry is through visual arts & photography…

After all, a viewer’s “perception” is the common denominator between the two art forms of both magic and photography.

A magician’s intent is to amaze, direct your attention and surprise you with a visual result.

In the same way a photographer uses direction through the visual flow, the “Rule of Thirds” or shadow and light to achieve the goal of focused attention and interest.

Scott's photography has been published in periodicals, books and on album covers world-wide. Aside from Scott’s magic, his portfolio is an outward expression of his vision.
per·cep·tion (pər-sĕp'shən) - A way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression. The neurological processes by which recognition and interpretation are affected…